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Accessories are something that can make or break an outfit so I thought it would be fitting to talk about THE accessory of the season – hairbands! I have a fashion slot on i-radio every week where I chat to Louise Clarke all about the latest trends and we covered this topic in depth if you were able to have a listen 🙂 

It’s a given that trends come and go every season and most of them will be like marmite – you will either love em or hate em but I definitely think that the headband frenzy will be sticking around for the next while as they are something that everyone of any age can wear.

Whether you want to opt for full on embellishment or something a little more understated, the high street has lots of options for you to choose from. What I love is the fact they are inexpensive, add a funky edge to any look and a somewhat plain, monotonous dress can be instantly jazzed up with the addition of a headband. Not to mention they are ideal for saving bad hair days!

They originally date back to the 1950’s with icons such as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn wearing the trend and the Duchess Of Cambridge is also a fan so if it’s good enough for her…!


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