Christian Louboutin is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and talented designers of our time. Not only did he turn a high end stiletto heel into a worldwide phenomenon but he also created a signature feature through a red lacquered sole. You could say this happened just by chance as it was only when his sketches didn’t flourish the way he intended them to that he used a red nail polish on the soles to try and “liven up the design” – one can only imagine that his bank account hasn’t looked back since. Louboutin’s mission was to create something that broke the rules and made women feel confident and empowered – two words that are almost always associated with wearing red which makes us question if it can be classified as just a colour?

If we think back to some iconic moments in fashion history, you will find that the colour red is embodied in many of them. When Audrey Hepburn starred in the film ‘Funny Faces’ in 1957, she wore a red Givenchy gown that lent itself to being the most unforgettable wardrobe moment of the film. In 1956, Marilyn Monroe shot a look for the Saturday Evening Post wearing a red fitted, sultry dress titled “The New Marilyn Monroe” which featured some of her most iconic quotes – so in keeping with the theme of this article “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. In 1991 Cindy Crawford wore a plunge neckline, red Versace dress that now has its’ own Wikipedia page and in 1995 Princess Diana wore a stunning red dress by Christian Lacroix with matching shoes. The fiery shade dominates the catwalks almost every season with designers jumping on board to prove that it signifies the power, strength and confidence within a lady. Red isn’t just a colour – it’s the official trademark for this iconic shoe by Christian Louboutin and a lipstick shade that has been worn for generations. Speaking of beauty, Louboutin also branched into the luxury beauty industry in 2014 launching nail lacquers in the signature red shade.

It is very obvious when we look at the evolving of Louboutin’s brand that he has influenced the evolving of the colour red. The stats honour themselves with the designer having A list clients such as Diane von Fürstenberg, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Joan Collins and novelist Danielle Steel who boasts a whopping 6,000 pairs of the coveted shoes. Known as the most searched shoe brand online, it is clear to see why Christian Louboutin was voted the most prestigious shoe for three years in a row. The colour red is going to be at the forefront for generations to come and although the majority of us will only ever be able to look at the heels through a glass window or computer screen, we can still appreciate their beauty. Which shade of red are you going to wear this season?